Switzerland- A pitstop in Zurich

The Matterhorn

The swiss do have it all. Mountains, lakes and wonderful fondue.

We ventured into Switzerland via Germany, our goal was to drop off our car rental at our first point of call – Zurich. There was no need for a car with such a wonderful rail system. A definite advantage for travellers like us that require the larger than average vehicle.

Our plan in Switzerland was to begin our journey in Zurich and move on to experience mountainous countryside in abudance. We were so fortunate to be able to drop off our car and have the owner of  Maremonti Car Rental  meet us at our hotel in Zurich on arrival and collect the car.

Poly had been our saviour a couple of weeks back when he got us out of a pickle with a large car rental company who didn’t deliver on their promise. You see we had booked our large SUV (remember we are 5 people with 5 bags) many months prior to our arrival into Croatia. With the unusual Croatian Law of having to carry legal ownership papers with your car at all times we had to wave goodbye to our trusty car rental when we caught the ferry from Italy to Montenegro.

Being the planner that I am I had arranged the largest vehicle possible to collect once we arrived into Dubrovnik. Unfortunately what was offered was not what we were expecting. There was no way all our luggage and ourselves could fit into what said car rental company considered a large SUV.

With a totally disinterested attendant we decided to forgo our rental and let our fingers do the walking. We opened a trusty local phone book and starting calling Car Rental companies. On our third phone call we hit the jackpot. Poly was the owner of Maremonti and was super helpful. We allowed to view the vehicle and pack it with our luggage to see if it all fit before we signed a rental agreement. As we wanted a one way rental he took the service level one step further and offered to collect the vehicle once we arrived in Zurich.

Poly can be contacted on if anyone ever needs car rental in Croatia, Montenegro or surrounding countries. Not only did we pay 1/4 of what we were initially prepared to pay we received outstanding service and contributed to the local economy rather than a large conglomerate.


The Widder Hotel – Our stay in Zurich consisted of rain and more rain. Lucky for us we had a wonderful, luxurious stay.

We only had an overnight stop in Zurich but managed to experience some of the local food delights of the city. Our sightseeing was hampered by constant rain so we were extremely lucky to stay at the Widder Boutique Hotel. A perfect spot located in the Bahnhofstrasse shopping area. Located in old Zurich town we concentrated our efforts on this part and didn’t venture much further.

The surrounding area was a myriad of beautiful architecture dotted with exquisite Chocolatiers, small boutiques and luxury designer stores. We managed to glimpse the area peeking out from our umbrellas from time to time.

Always in search of local fare we were very close to Zurich’s main station and Banhoff Market. The Swiss are great at convenience, the Banhoff Market is in the Station’s main concourse. What a great idea to be able to train home from work and pick up your fresh groceries at the station. The train station was shelter and the perfect spot for lunch.


Allanah enjoying the local fare at the Banhoff Market – Zurch

The rest of the day remained wet and miserable. We headed back to our hotel and enjoyed some R & R while we repacked and prepared for our train adventures through Switzerland.

If we were impressed with this city with the worst weather conditions we will definitely be back  to experience some more in the future.

Next stop Lucerne…


The rain followed for days


The very spacious and luxurious Widder Hotel



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